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Published on 12 May 2020 / In Health / Activism

Statements made with context that parellel Nazi propaganda. Dehumanization of a free thinking population.
Question, if everyone is "anti-vax" does that make others "pro-vax" to the point where they will take any sort of medication recommended to them?they're not all the same thing. I'm currently working on a vaccine cultured from the gunk in my shoe and hope to make 6 million by the end of next year

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truthseeker 3 years ago

Will neve take a doctor by the name Zdogg serious, spewing verbal diarrhea.

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p1neapple 3 years ago

I've watched one minute so far and already want to shove a moulded loaf of bread way down his throat..

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chedca 3 years ago

warning, it only gets worse.

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jjstargazer_44 3 years ago

This guy is a fraud!

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