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Those shallow women - MGTOW & the 'Hot Crazy Matrix'

Bad Dude
Published on 02 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

Hot Crazy Matrix:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKWmFWRVLlU You probably assume that shallow women go for the richest guy they can find. That's true but there's another dimension to it.

Those guys who created the hot-crazy matrix nailed it when they identified 'cuteness' and 'money' being the two variables women judge a man by when it comes to settling down and marrying the poor sucker. Well yes, but I must add a third dimension to their model. That third variable is 'dependability'. It doesn't matter how rich a guy is, a shallow woman will not give him a second glance unless he's dependable, and by dependable I mean a little bit of a sucker, a gullible victim, an overly attached idiot who will make her feel financially safe, who will solve all her problems, who will take over her troubles, who will be there to maintain her lifestyle even if she quits her job to be fat and lazy, and even if she treats him like shit.

So when a shallow woman wants to have fun (fun: politically correct way to say fuck around), she'll only go with the cutest man she can seduce. For marriage, however, dependability is they key, even if that man, is not rich or attractive, because she feels secure in the knowledge that a dependable idiot would do anything to keep her happy and he will not complain, like a good servant. He will gladly pay her alimony if they divorce and he will give her a beneficial settlement that will set her for life. What's she going to do with a billionaire who can see right through her schemes, has options and has an army of lawyers who can demolish her in a divorce?

Yes, I'd say that most women, in my experience, are like that. They're not ambitious when it comes to professional success, so they wouldn't mind settling for an unattractive low/middle class dependable man who will support them financially. The feeling of long term financial security is priceless for them, so beware nice guys of the world: try to avoid being trapped by a shallow aging woman who has had too much fun with guys much more attractive that you and who's now looking to settle down (or settle for you in exchange for your patronage).

So, to all you dependable guys out there, be careful!

Food for thought.

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