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Report # 168 | Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on COVID-19, Vaccines, Fear and Health

Ramola D
Published on 24 Jun 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣Dr. Sherri Tenpenny obliterates the #CoronaPanic mass hysteria whipped up around this supposed new virus that is, according to mainstream media, the WHO, and gullible governments destined to decimate millions and destroy the world.

Taking a close look at the testing being done and the numbers of deaths being reported, she details how the tests –nasal or throat swabs–are designed only to indicate a broad range of influenza viruses and are not in any way indicative of the presence of a particular SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Further, and as a consequence, the figures for both number of infected cases and deaths are necessarily FALSE. They have no way of testing for this virus, how can they add numbers to a list?

In addition, the figures for the infections and deaths are far less than those for the flu, yearly, worldwide, and a host of other diseases.Finally, even the current figures note that 86% recover from this COVID-19 illness, while the 14% who don’t are found to have co-morbidities or underlying other illnesses, which takes us back to that issue of the number of deaths from this particular virus simply inevitably being wrongfully and falsely reported.

Meanwhile, legislation set in place in 2005—the PREP ACT—and the recent declaration of a National Emergency from President Trump set in place the context for pushing through vaccine mandates – so this is indeed a serious situation which warrants close attention from all and immediate action.

The strictures regarding “social distancing” and wearing masks will not work to curb a common flu virus, says Dr. Tenpenny. Are these being put in place now to push humanity toward greater online connectivity and less human interaction?

Discussing the flu shot, Dr.Tenpenny notes that immunity is not built through vaccinations, whch are filled with polluting ingredients which increase immune system burden and often confer the very disease they claim to immunize and protect from.How does one react in this scenario, what should people be doing?

Dr.Tenpenny suggests that we do need to be concerned and outspoken about any kind of legislation seeking to curb our rights and liberties further while at the same time “making lemons out of lemonade” by using the time we now have through being shut-in to work on our favorite, long-shelved home projects as she too hopes to do.

The truth about what is going on, the fact that political globalist
agenda underlies this mass global shutdown and panic-churning is perhaps
the most important thing to uncover currently. Transhumanism is part of
the plan, and it behooves all of humanity to do the research, ask
questions, express opinions, and work continuously to reclaim our lives,
claim our rights—and stay away from the contamination and danger of

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