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Protection for Light Beings

Michelle Carter
Published on 30 May 2020 / In QAnon

⁣Energy Releasing Statement to protect all Light souls, Q Team, Truth Speakers, Digital Q Soldiers & all working to eradicate evil.

“The Highest, Purest frequency that exists & the full Power of Pure Consciousness & Natural Law repel and reflect back all

attacking energies including all evil, black magic, spells, curses, witchcraft, calling of demons and demonic energy, physical attacking
& all impure energies, frequencies, vibrations and intentions to attack, harm, act upon or violate the free will of any Light Being on or off earth

to fill and surround all Light Beings with Pure Love & Light protection, feeling Pure Love, Light, Peace & Stillness and Divine guidance and protection

Specifically including:

All military working for Light to protect Light Beings and arrest evil
All military working to take control of DUMBS
All involved with rescuing children from trafficking, abuse and sacrifice rituals

All working in legal / high positions involved with the arrest & prosecution of evil
All leaders across the world working to eradicate evil
The Q Team and the Q Plan
All Q Digital Soldiers and all Light souls sharing Truth

To FREE all Light souls arrested for exposing the Truth

To reflect back all karma being projected or transferred to Light Beings, past, present and future and reinstate Natural Law where by each being gets back what they give out

Sending Pure healing energies to all those abused and all those affected by seeing the evil abuse being done to children and those who have been trafficked, and to all injured or suffering loss from wars

Asking Pure Consciousness to open the minds of those not yet awake, to see, hear and feel Truth and to choose Light over dark, good over evil, peace over hate

To guide those working to create Heaven on earth, where poverty, lack and struggle have been eradicated and humanity live in harmony with each other and nature in high Pure frequencies, living in Pure Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Abundance for all.

Giving huge gratitude and thanks to all those working to eradicate evil, shining their Light and sharing Truth.

To finish on a high note, flowing Pure Protection to the Big Reveal for it to be the most amazing day ever,

feeling Pure joy, excitement and celebration of this day, the Great Awakening be known by all world wide and to creating Heaven on earth."

The Best is Yet to Come! Celebrating all the good that is flowing to us now, seen and unseen!

More about me & my work at www.michellecarter.co.uk

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