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Laura Eisenhower's Message to the Dark Controllers [Chinese subtitle] 蘿拉·艾森豪致黑暗控制者的訊息

Published on 13 Sep 2020 / In Other



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Bill Hale
Bill Hale 2 years ago

I’ve chatted with Jean Eisenhower on her YouTube channel, whom you probably know. I found her account whilst looking up MK Ultra survivors over a year ago. Her journey is fascinating and she’s inspiring to listen to as well as knowledgeable about the ploys of much of the Establishment. She’s not able to spend too much time online, but I’ve commented a bunch on her videos and she always answers and is very thoughtful. She, too, is a relative of Prez Eike. I’m proud to know her not only for peacefully heralding her own whistleblower testimony but for her grass roots status, befitting the heart that President Eisenhower had in warning America about the military industrial complex. What pleasant shock that the President has still another courageous relative voicing words of integrity to expose the corrupt eugenicist injustices of the ruling elite. Thank you for posting this. I’m going to pay attention to your broadcasts as time allows. I’m still figuring out this forum.

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