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Julian Assange imposter (silicone mask)

Published on 15 May 2020 / In Other

Why can he hear them but not respond? It is a imposter in a silicone mask. Julian Assange was killed in 2016 after releasing podesta emails.

Wikileaks was set up around authenticated encryption keys, the use of which guarunteed the identity of the author, original wikileaks editor, Julian Assange. After his capture the PGP keys were never seen on a release again and wikileaks dodges all lines of inquiry to the subject.

The modus operandi had been; "If we ever fail to include these encryption keys, you'll know we've been comprimised". No real person outside of the establishment has seen him alive, only his lawyers and; ⁣ .

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VAXXTER 3 years ago

why cant I view the Julian Assange video?

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chedca 3 years ago

is it still not working?

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