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Gray State — the 2021 story told in a 2014 film

Bill Hale
Published on 02 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics

David Crowley's film trailer for the post-2020 civilisation motion picture he never finished.
He and his family were murdered and butchered, then the local cops with no investigarion declared him a murderer who committed suicide. His associates were threatened and/or bribed to agree.
The film hinted of deep state powers including Freemasonry, "bar code" certificates implants underneath human skin to allow commerce, and a FEMA gestapo.
2 minute trailer from 2014 shows empty grocer shelves and a petrified public unprepared for events we now see occuring and much more. Eerily absent is the vaccine indoctrination, which is postulated was removed from his PC which was left running after the police investigation of the so-called suicide of David.

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