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Eisenhower Farewell Speech

Matthew Hunt
Published on 13 May 2020 / In News & Politics

President Dwight Eisenhower's farewell... and a warning to America regarding the Military-Industrial Complex.

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KarenB 4 years ago

Eisenhower was the first President to send envoys or American dignitaries over to Russia to study their education system and he signed an agreement with the Russians to share education policies for students and teachers. This is why today we are seeing communist style education in our school which is nothing but indoctrination. Every President since Eisenhower has signed and renewed that agreement. The Reece Committee found that tax exempt foundations are doing the bidding of the government using their grant making powers to comfortably merge the US and the USSR. See Tax Exempt Foundation video with G. Edward Griffin and Norman Dodd....be prepared to be shocked. The last President to sign the agreement was Obama in 2012. Reagan signed the agreement twice (1985 and 1989) If you think Reagan ended communism by taking down the wall think again. It was all a smoke and mirror side show. The only President we have had in modern times that was even half way decent and honest was Kennedy and they HAD to kill him and believe me our own government agencies were behind that murder.

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