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Dr Tenpenny IG live interview with Ali Zeck Aug 29th 2020

Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Published on 01 Sep 2020 / In Health / Mental Health

Dr. Tenpenny and activist Ali Zeck - her 20 year journey through a misdiagnosis, psychiatric medications leading to horrific withdrawal and finally an awakening that started Ali on her path to recovery and life coaching and pharma corruption exposure that only experience such as hers could offer.

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kc8nqa 2 years ago

I believe "antidepressants" are as much a problem or more of a problem than opiates! These money hungry creatures behind all this "Drug Pushers" need to held accountable!

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vivian 2 years ago

It is always SO good to hear your voice and see your face! Missed the original but here I am. It is a pleasure to support someone as REAL as you are. We love you and trust you. thank you. Vivi

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