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Dr Sherri Tenpenny takes open questions from her listeners about Covid Tests, vaccines and more

Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Published on 02 Dec 2020 / In Health / Health Freedom

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny takes this time to answer open questions from her Instagram Live chat. These are questions you too may have. Listen in as she discusses Covid (PCR Tests) and why they should never be used to diagnose, vaccines, detox and so much more.

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Bill Hale
Bill Hale 2 years ago

Given up on repairing this forum?

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JesusIsLord8 3 years ago

Dr TenPenny, what is your opinion on 5G radiation being the true cause of the deaths due to the extreme levels of radiation to point that it’s classified just below bioweapon as body cannot handle such levels of radiation? That Covid is being used to cover up the true cause. Watch this clip and please do a video with a guest to really address this from scientific level. https://www.brighteon.com/e8de....68eb-35ea-4798-859a-

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nildapal 3 years ago

Needed that thanks for the reminder yes we as Christians know how it ends

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