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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Hugs Over Masks Present Important Activist Intro Webinar - full video here

Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Published on 27 Jul 2020 / In Health / Health Freedom

Dr. Tenpenny and Hugs Over Masks (HOM) present important 8 Week Activist Webinars exclusively to members of HOM across the world. Sign up now to join or form your own city chapter at www.HugsOverMasks.ca and be a part of this historical movement to preserve our liberties and bodily autonomy. Join our 8 Week program if you are serious about wanting to make a difference and save lives. You can register at www.DrTenpenny.com/events but must be a member of Hugs Over Mask umbrella so that we can ensure calls to action are being made in a strategic, organized, effective manner.

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Dana Thynes
Dana Thynes 4 years ago

JOINED! Can't wait for this afternoon! (Alaska time...)

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vivian 4 years ago

would love to join group. would you put out a special invite to those of us who are still lost in the woods? lol thank you. love you.

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