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Dr. Judy Mikovits & Patrick Howley on "National File" 5-2020

Dana Thynes
Published on 20 May 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣The best interview that I have seen with the frequently-reviled Dr. Judy Mikovits, whose commentary is often totally over my head. AS WITH ALL WHISTLE-BLOWERS, she is being attacked for her work, her integrity, her veracity. Here, she doesn't get too far into the weeds.

⁣Discussion of Coronavirus, Fauci, retroviruses, scientific research, Dr. Mikovits's book "Plague of Corruption."

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Dana Thynes
Dana Thynes 4 years ago

At 31:00, Dr. Judy says,
"We don't test for anything else - we don't test for HIV - by LAW! And those are the laws you can use. You can't ask. It's HIPPA; it's ADA - Americans Disabilities Act.
They can't ask what our lung disease is.
They can't ask what your retrovirus is.
These are the freedoms that the Act Up groups in the 80's with HIV won... we need to take advantage of those freedoms and laws to avoid being stigmatized and tracked."

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