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Dec 3 2020 Dr Tenpenny & Robyn Openshaw (Green Smoothie Girl) - Airlines are controlled by commu

Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Published on 04 Dec 2020 / In Health / Health Freedom

⁣The Green Smoothie Girl gets thrown off a Delta flight, banned for life, and Delta employees turn 400 passengers into an angry mob. Dr. Tenpenny, asks Robyn how she learned the airlines are under communist control.

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mmauerer 3 years ago

Wow I am shocked at her story with Delta airllines! I flew them last month going to my job to Atlanta from Cle. and had no issue with teling them I don't wear a mask because of health reasons, and they make me sick to wear one! The ticket counter people ok it with the supervisor and I had no problem going through security or when I got to the gate. I did wear it getting on the plane, but after that I didn;t have it on! of course I was looked at funny by pax and crew members I was in the back of the plane where I had a row to myself which was good! I hope she gets what she wants with her pursuing the law suit against Delta! what a terrible thing they went through!

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