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Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 8

Published on 24 Jul 2020 / In Health

⁣Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 8

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Wolves And Sheeple
Wolves And Sheeple 4 years ago

This is great Dr. Tenpenny. How does the hosting on this site work? Will it be censorship resistant?

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ModelT 4 years ago

I’m not excited about the info now going to government —the Department of Health & Human Services answers to Fauci....he’s over the person in charge. I called my local City official and was told this contract tracing would be under Health & Human Services—that was back in March -so they already knew the plan. I also don’t see Trump as Savior--he spent 2 years at a Jesuit school before business school and he has been making the hand symbols/signs for years for the occult. He is under the Zionist control of Israel. Which is a part of the occult. I have seen younger pics with him and many people in the pedo ring. People are so blinded and scared so they look to him as Savior when God is our Savior. I hope all parents home school! I can’t imagine the damage that will happen to these children! I work in child development as a therapist-very very sad! Children need to see the full face to get cues! Yes to Dr P!!! It’s devastating!

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