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Critically Thinking with Dr T and Dr P episode 11

Published on 14 Aug 2020 / In Health

⁣⁣Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 11

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ketokeisha 3 years ago

Do you seriously still believe Trump is your white night who’s going to come and save you from this? He’s been the figurehead for all of this nonsense from the start. You don’t even have two parties in the USA (or here in the UK) - the presidents change but the key policies never do - surely you’ve noticed? Trump saying the economy was booming doesn’t make it true! If the dems really wanted to win this year then why have they chosen Biden? A man that can barely talk? It’s a con - swamp thing needs to be in power while they roll out the NWO as he confuses the right enough to stop them revolting. If the idiot Clinton had won in 2016 and was doing exactly the same as trump is now then the USA would have had a revolution. You’ve been conned! Don’t fall for the two party nonsense please.

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Elizabetharris 3 years ago

Can you share the 25 min video you were discussing?

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Dana Thynes
Dana Thynes 3 years ago

I think you'll find it here: https://drrichswier.com/2020/0....8/16/video-expose-of

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Lord_of_the_origin 3 years ago

There are NO "real" numbers.

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