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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Cradle Of American Eugenics

Bill Hale
Published on 06 Dec 2020 / In Other

The vax for Disease19, Covid19 a misnomer, is reliant on CSHLs MedRxiv. The DHS, CDC, WHO, and the entire Medical Cult esteem the preprint website as "reputable" to employ the CDC's term. 118 yesrs ago, the lab was the center from which sprang the FORCED strerilisation of over 80,000 innocent Americans in the 1930s and 1940s alone, eventually resultant in Germany's application of the same practices which later wrought the Holocaust. What CSHL was reputable for was rather a racist eugenicist President who thought dark-skinned people had low intellect. Today, anthroplogists have widely forsaken the myth of "race" as science. There is no "white" gene nor "black" gene. No continent genes, either, such as "European", nor "African", nor "Asian". Fundamental to eugenics is the religion of atheism and the fake science of "evolution" which was conceived long prior to Darwin, the myth antedating not only Babylon but Eden itself. This vid simply yields a quick concise notion of CSHL itself.

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